Dog Lovers

Meet Ruby! Three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You may recognize her from Lady & The Tramp. She barks and cries for attention when she first see's you. She makes herself known. Once she receives the love and gentle ear rubs she will settle down and go into her bed. To give you a little feedback on Ruby- she had 2 knee surgeries to replace her knee caps because she was born with defects. She does have defected joints and sensitive skin so when you pet her just be extra gentle. She is like a lovable baby! Depending on the time of day she may need to be let out of the room to greet the family members of the home. In most of those cases she is left out of the room unless someone comes home early. Just know she does not disturb any services. It's her nap time! If there is any issue's with dogs please contact us. Otherwise you may see Ruby at your appointments ready to give you extra loving.


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